Be honest: when was the last time you scrolled through Instagram or Facebook looking at pictures of cute pets?

How great would it be to have that teeny tiny little puppy in your life for your toddler to play with, or that bunny so you could watch it happily hop around your garden in the summer sun on a lazy Sunday? It would be amazing, there’s no doubt. Alas, there’s a lot of variables to think about before you can commit to an animal.

In reality, pets are a huge responsibility with a whole host of needs that you must be able to meet. Some pets can even change your entire life, especially if they have long life spans and require a lot of attention. As the human being, it is your responsibility to consider all of the factors before you commit to a pet:

The Reason

commit to a pet

Source: Took A Pic

Why do you want or need a pet in your life? This may seem like an overly deep question to be asking yourself as you scroll through your local rescue centre’s website, but it is incredibly important as there are indeed bad reasons for wanting a pet. Are you looking for the unconditional love that comes with an adorable little puppy? Do you need more responsibility in your life that can be provided by a small pet such as a hamster or some gerbils? Taking on a pet is a massive commitment, so make sure you understand why you are getting into this and make sure your reasons are sound.

The Cost

commit to a pet

We know that the companionship and love you experience with a pet is priceless, but you seriously need to consider the financial implications before you commit. Bringing a pet pooch into your life could cost you over £15,000 according to a recent study by Voucherbox, while a cat could set you back over £10,000. If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful pet then a hamster is your best bet as your lovable little furball will probably only cost you around £500. Of course, you could always buy a goldfish but bare in mind the oldest goldfish lived until the ripe old age of 43, which according to the study would have cost the owner a total of £877.

The Time

commit to a pet

While you may have the best intentions and the money to spare, you may not have the time. Even the smallest, most independent animals still require a lot of time and effort, which many of us don’t have in our hectic, busy schedules. Each and every day of their lives, animals need food, water, care, exercise and love, just to name a few necessities – yes, even fish. You must be wary of any extra wants and needs they may have in addition to an almost constant attentiveness and awareness about their usual habits just in case they start acting oddly. Plus, if you’re planning on going away on holiday or on a business trip then you need to find someone else to look after them while you’re away.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to commit to a pet?