For many parents, raising just two or three children can be challenging at times, but Jeane and Paul Briggs have made caring for kids their life’s work.

With a brood of 34 children already, the couple hope to soon increase their family by two more as they are in the process of adopting another two baby boys from Ghana.

Jeane and Paul adopted their first son, Abraham, after visiting him at an orphanage in Mexico in 1985. The toddler, then only two-years-old, was blind and had been so badly beaten that he had suffered brain damage and was in a body cast.

“I saw him knowing that he could be our child,” says Jeane. “I knew instantly that we should adopt him.”

As well as having five biological children of their own, the Briggs have adopted a further 28 children from Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Ghana.

Many of the children had suffered abuse and neglect before being adopted, while others were orphaned.

Twenty-four-year-old Joseph was left in a hospital in eastern Ukraine shortly after his birth.

“I had a cleft lip and palate, I was treated differently and people made fun of me,” he says. “Every year, our orphanage would go on vacation to the Black Sea but I would be sent to [a] hospital.”

After being adopted by the Briggs, Joseph knew he would never have to worry about being left behind again.

From a young age, Jeane knew that she wanted to have a big family and adopt children in need.

“I guess all my life, even as a child, I knew I would adopt and have a large family,” she says. “Faith has been the biggest motivation… every child should have a loving family.”

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