Finger foods are a great way of offering variety to your child, as they provide a whole new world of exciting tastes, textures, shapes and colours, in foods that are easy for your child to grab and get hold of so they feel more in control of their choices.

Try these 5 finger foods tips from Dr Frankie Phillips, Nutrition Advisor to Organix:

  1. Unique shapes: your baby is starting to self-feed and to develop a desire to want to do things themselves.  Offer them finger foods that are the perfect size for their little fingers to grasp and pick-up.
  2. Learning new tastes: throughout the weaning journey give your baby lots of opportunities to explore new and different flavours, after all baby foods don’t have to be bland!
  3. The right texture: offering lots of texture choices will help develop your baby’s curiosity about food and build their confidence and enjoyment.
  4. No added sugar: go for finger foods that contain no unnecessary added ingredients, such as sugar, artificial flavours or sweeteners (fresh foods are best, but the Organix range is nasties-free).
  5. Experimentation and development: the introduction of finger foods encourages little ones to accept new foods, but finger foods have lots of other benefits too.  They can help to develop a little one’s sense of independence, and boost their hand-eye co-ordination and motor skills.

Top finger food for babies

Need some more inspiration? Here are our top finger foods for babies:

Avocado slices
Cooked peas
Cooked carrot sticks (soft enough to squash between your fingers)
Peeled peach slices
Melon slices (take out any big seeds)
Steamed broccoli florets
Baked or steamed sweet potato sticks
Cooked lentils
Plain cooked pasta such as spaghetti or macaroni
Cooked rice
Steamed fish – Alaskan salmon, pollock, cod, shrimp
Mashed potatoes
Minced meat, cooked until soft (lamb, beef, pork or turkey)
Shredded cooked chicken
Hard boiled eggs