What could be more treasured than home-made toys and clothing? Here are 7 of our favourite crochet projects that would also make great gifts for family and friends:

(New to crochet? You can find some beginner’s tutorials here and here to help get you started.)

Crochet Hearts

tiny hearts crochet

Love is definitely in the air with these sweet tiny crochet hearts that can used to decorate a variety of items.

Mini Hoop Flowers

hoop flowers

Make every day feel like spring with these cute mini hoop flowers.

Monster Lovey Blankets

monster blanket

Babies and crochet go hand in hand. These monster lovey blankets would make wonderful cuddly friends for your little one.

Lego Man Mittens

lego gloves

A must for any Lego fans. These cosy Lego man mittens would be amazing as part of a costume.

Mermaid Blanket

mermaid blanket

Does your daughter dream of being a mermaid? This beautiful fish-tail blanket will bring her one step closer.

Dinosaur Hat

dinosaur hat

If you’ve got a little terror running around your house, this adorable dinosaur hat might be the perfect match for their personality.

Unicorn Hat


This fabulous crochet unicorn hat with a rainbow mane is ideal for dressing up and brightening dark winter days.