Raising a large family has its own unique set of joys and trials, but few mother have experienced the challenges of giving birth nine times in just ten years.

Supermum Tonia Farrent, 40, and husband Jason, 41, bring up their close-aged brood on Jason’s income from his carpentry business and say they hate being labelled as scroungers simply for having lots of children.

Tonia told the Mirror: ““Someone once said to Jason, ‘Well, you obviously don’t work if you’ve got nine kids ’. He was very angry.

“He works very hard to look after us. There aren’t many men who would work as hard and be loving, hands-on dads, too. It’s not easy always being on the go, but he’s wonderful. We make a great team.”

The family, who live in a four bed home, follow a strict routine to avoid the perils of disorganisation.

“I’m a bit of a clean freak,” said Tonia. “But I have to be with 11 people in a four-bedroom house. Things need to be tidy or the house can quickly become a stinky mess.

“I iron and clean every day and twice a day at the weekend. I can easily put on 16 loads of washing and use up two huge bottles of washing liquid in a week. When other parents say: ‘Oh, we’re running late again – the kids slept in.’ I think to myself – well set the alarm a little earlier. We all don’t want to but we have to.”

“My kids are always at school on time and picked up on time; their shoes are always polished – clean and shiny.”

Although the couple are not planning any more children at moment, another baby may still be on the cards.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do when my youngest goes to school, I’ve never been on my own. I’m dreading the silence,” said Tonia.

“But I might change my mind and want another baby when they hit their teens.”

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