Kendamil has been perfecting its formula recipe for over 58 years. The brand is committed to using the finest ingredients, all of which are sourced entirely from the UK. Just 1% of all infant formula sold in the UK is made with British milk or British ingredients – Kendamil is proud to be that 1%.

Kendamil is confident that its formula is the best in the world, which is a fair assumption given the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are customers!

Lovingly made in the heart of the beautiful Lake District, Kendamil truly has developed the purest formula available. It is the only formula on the market made exclusively in the UK and Kendamil is the only brand to use full-cream whole milk, providing baby with 100% natural fats.

Unlike the leading competitors, Kendamil contains zero palm oil (which has been proven to reduce bone density and mineral absorption in infants study here) or fish oil. Instead the brand uses sustainably sourced plant-based Omega-3, not only making it a far more natural, better tasting product, but also the only vegetarian formula on the market.

The brand adds vitamins and minerals to provide a nutritionally balanced formula for little ones, but there is absolutely no added sugar in the Kendamil formula. The unique recipe also contains no GMOs, soya, glucose syrups, corn starch or maltodextrin, unlike other brands. Put simply, Kendamil is committed to being as natural as possible.

Feeding baby Kendamil gives them a naturally fuller feeling, it is gentler on their tummies and has been proven to reduce colic. Many Kendamil parents also claim their babies sleep better, so it’s a no brainer really!

The brand boasts a complete range to support little ones at every stage, including First Infant Milk, Follow On Milk and Toddler Milk. Parents can choose between the Classic Range, or the gold standard Kendamil Organic option. The range is stocked in most of the leading supermarkets, including Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and ASDA, as well as on the brand’s own website, where monthly doorstep delivery subscriptions are available for the ultimate convenience.

Speaking about the vision and commitment of Kendamil, CEO Ross McMahon said:

‘Hands down, breastmilk is best for babies. However, for various reasons, many parents will use infant formula at some point, and it is therefore essential that the very best alternative is available to them. There is a shocking lack of transparency for parents around the poor-quality ingredients that go into many infant formulas, which is something we are determined to challenge here atKendamil’.

He continued: ‘We promise total product traceability on our packaging, combined with a ban on unhealthy ingredients such as palm oils, corn syrups, glucose syrup and maltodextrin, which are often combined with skimmed milk. This is no substitute for the essential nutrients that come from full cream mammal milk fats, which we believe should be used in all infant formulas.”

There is no doubting the quality of the product or values of this brand whose factory is run on 100% renewable electricity, making it no surprise it was the formula of choice for Prince Louis, as well as many other high-profile mums including Alex Jones, Pippa Middleton and Anna Williamson.

Kendamil also produces porridge and cereals suitable for little ones, and there is so much more to come, so watch this space!