Born unable to see or hear, one five-hour operation changed Chloe Ring’s world forever.

Chloe was just 14 months old when she travelled with her parents from Exeter to Bristol to have cochlear implants fitted – an expensive process that had no guarantee of success.

Her family then had to wait an anxious four weeks before specialists could switch on Chloe’s implants and see if they worked.

Her mum, Jane, told the Daily Mail: “She was too young to understand. We did baby massage and spent lots of time in a dark room with bright lights. It felt like such a long time, we were desperately hoping it would work.”

Thankfully, the incredible outcome made the nerve-wracking wait worthwhile.

“She just responded, as soon as she was given sound, our little girl’s world opened up,” said Jane. “She was looking around and playing with the toys, and then when they switch on the second, she just lights up.

“It is like she was suddenly switched on. She absolutely loved sound, from the moment she was given it.”

Five years on, Chloe is still making the most of her fantastic gift.

“Opportunities have opened up in front of our little girl,” says her mum. “You could tell she was bright before, but so much of life was cut off from her. But now, she is active, and she is an amazing chatterbox.

“Now, she can sing, we started going to a music class six months after her implants were switched on.

“She is at a normal, mainstream primary school and we never thought that would be possible. She is the first deafblind child to achieve that in Devon.

“It has completely opened up her world, we are so, so proud of her.”

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