My craft project this week is one for the wall and it continues with the Autumnal theme. It is inspired by falling leaves as my family and I are having such fun with our leaf printing, leaf rubbing, leaf pressing, leaf scrunching kicking and throwing.

I tried to go a little off track slightly with this project and think outside the box. I have also tried to give you a few different options so hopefully you can find something to fit your family perfectly.

Family Trees

You will need:

  • Paper, card or canvas
  • Ready mixed paint; Autumn colours
  • Paintbrush or sponge
  • Wipes or a wet flannel
  1. Get your paper or card ready to be painted onto. I prefer to sit on the kitchen floor as I can have everything within reach and it’s easily washable.
  2. Using your brush or sponge paint a bare tree trunk shape in the middle of your paper. My seven year old painted ours, but I’m sure you could make it as realistic or as basic as you’d like.
  3. Wash your paintbrush and using leaf colours take it in turns to add your family’s handprints around the tree trunk, acting as leaves. It’s sometimes easier to start with the youngest people first. That way if they smudge it or scrunch it too much, it can be started again without having to re-do everyone else’s prints.
  4. Wipe or wash your hands as soon as you have finished to stop everything and everyone becoming multicoloured! Leave to dry and you should have a wonderful masterpiece to treasure forever.

We have varied this activity by using finger prints to create small leaves. We didn’t use a brush to paint them; we just dipped our fingers into the paint and blobbed it onto our tree trunk.

You could also paint a tree trunk and then cover the tree with everyone’s handprints. Layer them up so nearly all of the blank page is covered and add a fruit print for every family member. Apples sliced in half work well as it looks as though they are growing on the tree. You could write your names on the apple prints once they have dried. Add a date plaque at the bottom for a beautiful finishing touch. The possibilities are endless!

Please let me know if you enjoy this activity, and don’t forget to drop me a note if you have something special in mind for me to work on.