According to the Brentwood Gazette, a baby was delivered in a bus stop on the Noak Hill Road in Billericay on Monday.

Mother Kathryn was six days overdue when her waters broke at 2.30am in the morning. She visited Basildon Hospital with her partner Danny but was sent home as she was not yet in labour.

Later that day Kathryn attempted to return to the hospital, a short 20 minutes drive away from their home in Billericay. However, ‘Elsie-Rose’ was too impatient and decided to make an appearance much soon than they had anticipated!

“I had a contraction and when I had the contraction I just had the urge to push and then she was born. I had to sort of catch her and wrap her in a jumper that I had,” Kathryn explained.

An ambulance then arrived and took them to Basildon Hospital and remarkably, the couple were then home again by 8pm that evening.

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