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Baby Shower Games

baby shower games

No shower would be complete without a few games to get everyone giggling. Here’s some of our favourite silly (and sentimental) baby shower games:

Baby shower wish card


1. Download this free Wish Card for each guest to fill in as memento that the mum-to-be can one day share with her baby

2. Get everyone to bring in a photograph of themselves as a baby so the group can try to work out who’s who.

3. Split the guests into groups as see which team can match the names of celebrity children to their famous mums.

4. Every guest must describe a food they are craving without actually naming what it is. The person with the most correct guesses wins.


Baby Showered Games

5. As well as a selection of mail-order games, Baby Showered UK offer the option of downloading 13 different games and as many copies as you need for £6.99. Some of the games require low cost additional items to be purchased from a supermarket (such as chocolate bars or milk bottle sweets), but not every game require this so expenses can be kept to a minimum if necessary.

Baby shower purse game

6. This free printable baby shower game awards points to what guests according to what they have in their purse/handbag. The player with the most points wins.

7. Draw faces onto hard boiled eggs and give one to each guest to be there ‘baby’ for the day. Every time an egg is left unattended, it may be ‘adopted’ by another mother. The mother with the most eggs at the end of the shower wins.

8. Fill cheap baby bottles with the drink of your choice and race to be the fastest to finish.


Deliver the baby game


9. This game from Baby Shower Host has guest competing to see who can deliver the most babies in the shortest time. Twelves little babies are buried in uncooked rice, sweets, etc., and the blind folded contestant has to find them all as quickly as possible.

10. Give each guest a plain white sleepsuit and some fabric pens so that they can decorate them or leave messages. The sleepsuit then make great keepsakes for the mum-to-be.



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