A recent study in the US suggests that baby wipes can cause allergic reactions and be the cause of mysterious rashes that are often misdiagnosed as eczema, impetigo and psoriasis. The study was authored by Dr. Mary Wu Chang, a professor of dermatology and pediatrics at the University of Connecticut, who began to notice a baby wipe connection between some of her patients.

Dr Chang said “Wet wipes are increasingly marketed in personal care products for all ages, and [methylisothiazolinone] exposure and sensitization will likely increase,” she wrote. “Dermatitis of the perianal, buttock, facial, and hand areas with a history of wet wipe use should raise suspicion of [allergic contact dermatitis] to [methylisothiazolinone] and prompt appropriate patch testing.”

The chemical within baby wipes that is thought to be the cause of allergic reactions is called methylisothiazolinone.

Essex Baby asked Christophe Bernigaud from WaterWipes to comment on this article and he said:

“ Babies’ skin is prone to rashes.

Babies’ skin is 5 times thinner than adults’ skin. On a bad, you can change your baby up to 10 times a day. That’s 70 nappy changes a week!!!

If you use a baby wipe that contains chemicals (perfume, lanolin, parabens, methylisothiazolinone, etc), that’s too much chemicals to apply on babies’ skin. Would you put so much chemicals on your own skin?

When you choose your baby wipes, do what you do with your food and drinks, turn the pack around and check the ingredient list. Wikipedia them to get a sense of what they are and can be.

I’ll pick one of the worse chemical you can find in baby wipes or any products for that matter – Methylisothiazolinon, aka MIT. MIT is known to cause skin irritation and allergies. It should be avoided, particularly if you have sensitive skin. The European Scientific Committee on Cosmetic Products and Non-Food Products Intended for Consumers suggested that companies limit the maximum concentration to 0.01%. However, U.S. companies are not required to follow the guideline. Nappy rash can be pretty harsh on babies. Help them by choosing your baby wipes well.

Your midwife recommends cotton and cooled boiled water for a good reason. Yes, it is not the most practical for modern parents or at 3am in the morning so choose your baby water wipe well’’

Read a full article about the study here: http://www.ibtimes.com/do-baby-wipes-cause-rashes-doctor-links-preservative-wipes-cases-itchy-scaly-skin-1537582

Has your little one suffered with any skin conditions as a result of using baby wipes? Have your hands also suffered as a result of using the wipes? Is there an alternative to baby wipes?

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