Essex Baby Review

The Bean Bag Bazaar recently sent Essex Baby a Bambeano Baby Bean Bag to our product review team. One of our team tried the beanbag out with her baby son. Read the product review to see what she though.

Product Description and Price

There are two parts to the Bambeano Baby Bean Bag – the bean bag for new borns to relax and sleep in, and another bean bag cover, which comes free, that can be used later on to convert the bean bag into a seat more suitable for a toddler.

The Bambeano Baby Bean Bag comes in three different colours – natural, pink or powder blue. We received the natural colour. The fabric for the baby bean bag is made out of 100% cotton.

The cover for the toddler bean bag is made from PVC. We received the natural coloured cover. I’m not sure if this cover comes in pink or blue as well, or just natural.

To buy the Bambeano Baby Bean Bag from costs £49.99 with free UK mainland delivery.

Why do you want to recommend this product?

I’m actually in two minds about this product, which is directly related to the fact that the product comes in two parts! I’ll deal with both separately.

The Bambeano Baby Bean Bag for 0-6 months use:

I like this bean bag as the fabric is attractive and practical. It looks nice in my living room, and its 100% cotton – durable thick strong cotton! It has a strap so that your baby cannot fall out of the bean bag, and because the seat is filled with bean bag balls, it moulds round the baby’s body. I can also wash the fabric in case of any nappy accidents or sickness!

The free bean bag cover for toddlers:

I’m not so keen on the cover that can be used to convert the bean bag into a toddler seat once the baby gets bigger. It’s leather looking, but made from PVC. This has practicality written all over it because it can be wiped clean, however I still like things to look really nice which means I have been reluctant to convert the seat into the toddler seat. The first fabric is so much nicer and looks nicer in my living room! I’m also uneasy about the mess of converting the baby bean bag into a toddler bean bag because it means transferring the beans from inside the first cover to the second cover. When I looked at how to do this my mind began to fill with dread of bean bag beans all over the room!

Essex Baby Rating:


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I give this product 3 out of 5.  I like the first bean bag and it is a nice alternative to the other types of rigid baby seat on the market, plus the fabric is appealing and the bag moulds to the contours of the baby’s body (which also probably helps the baby to feel cuddled, enveloped and secure). I’m not that keen on the cover for the second stage seat though and would be interested to know if the company provides alternatives. Both of my sons (my baby and my four year old) have enjoyed having the bean bag in the living room though, for sitting on and playing with.

I think the price is good value for money because the seat can be used for toddlers as well as babies, whereas a lot of the other baby seats on the market that are the same price can only be used up to six months, or when the baby reaches a certain age.

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