This is the bedtime guide that has left many parents scratching their heads.

Every household has a different idea of the best time to settle their child into bed. Children of the same age can often have bedtimes that vary by two or more hours – while your little one is tucked up by 7:00pm, your friend’s child won’t hit the hay until 9:00pm

Your family schedule, work commitments and after school activities can make it difficult to plan the best bedtime, particularly if you have several children with different needs.

Some days are busier than others, and weekends and school holidays usually mean a more flexible bedtime routine.

So how do you figure out whether your child is getting enough sleep?

One bedtime guide, posted on the Facebook page for Wilson Elementary School in Kenosha, Wisconsin, charts the ‘ideal’ time to put children to bed according to their age and waking time.

As with most parenting guides, it has cause a big divide between those who agree with the general rule and those who argue that it’s unrealistic for many families.

Angel Marie is a fan of an early set bedtime commented, “I have a 4, 5, and 8 year old and they have always been on same schedule since babies and they are in bed by 730 asleep by 8. I have always been told by family and friends it’s too early I don’t agree nor care there my kids and I like routines.”

Keith Gallagher also agreed with the chart saying, “Been a gripe of mine for years that the kids are always up late. Nice to know someone agrees with me.”

On the other hand, many parents felt that an early bedtime could never work for their household.

Katalin Bishop said, “My kids have been going to bed at 9pm since they started preschool. They are now 8, 12 and 14 and it’s working well for us. The only time they stay up past 9 is if my older ones have a ton of homework or a big project due.”

Ashley Owens added: “My kids wouldn’t even eat dinner. They’d have to go to bed right after school.”

Regardless of what time you put your little one to bed, most parents agree that it’s the quality of the sleep that is most important. If your child has trouble falling or staying asleep at night, here are a few questions you can ask to help assess your child’s sleep problem.