Thanks to its unique design, Bellamoon assures both mother and baby can enjoy the most special breastfeeding moments to the fullest.  Unlike anything else on the market, the ingenious collection of pregnancy and nursing pillows feature an innovative Anti-roll Fin and Anti-roll Barrier to ensure baby stays safely and comfortably in position. 

Together with a team of design professionals and industry experts, Bellamoon’s Founder Irene Breen, designed the side-lying Half Moon Nursing Nest, to create something truly unique, that would provide unrivalled support, comfort and peace of mind for breastfeeding women. 

The iconic product features a rigid, yet cushioned Anti-roll Fin, which is located between Mother and baby. The genius fin supports baby so they can relax into a feed and get a good latch that they maintain. For mother it not only aids during lateral breastfeeding especially, it gives them peace of mind that baby is safe while they relax and enjoy a feed. 

With the addition of the Anti-roll Barrier, the Half Moon Nursing Nest is a truly complete feeding support, like no other. The outer edge of the Nursing Nest is inclined to create the barrier, it not only offers  breathability, but the incline is essential to prevent baby rolling off the edge of the bed, and its semi-rigid material helps prevent Dad (if present) from infringing on baby’s space. 

When well supported, breastfeeding in the lateral (lying down) position, is really relaxing and thus increases the levels of oxytocin and in turn helps boost milk supply. This position is also especially helpful in those early days when engorgement is so common and oversupply and heavy milk flow can be an issue.  The thoughtfully designed Nursing Nest provides integral support to every mothers breastfeeding journey. 

Speaking about creating the bestselling breastfeeding essential, Irene said: 

“I wanted to create a solution for lateral nursing which addresses the real-life fears of new parents. BellaMoon is a wonderful space for Mum and baby to melt into and feed, feeling safe and protected together as Mothers rest their aching limbs and Fathers can stay present and supportive for the partner and baby.”

She continued: “BellaMoon is designed for togetherness – it is for Mum and baby lying side-by-side whilst baby is latched on and feeding comfortably.  It can be incredibly helpful to Mothers when babies are cluster feeding during development leaps, when they are waking frequently due to teething, or when a baby is sick and a Mother naturally wants them to be closer to them – allowing Mum to gain some precious rest through all these real and frequent parenting challenges.”

The hero Half Moon Nursing Nest is available as a standalone breastfeeding pillow, but also works seamlessly with the brands New Moon pregnancy pillow to create the ultimate, all singing all dancing Full Moon 7-in-1 Pregnancy and Nursing System. The brand’s signature Full Moon, provides support from the very first trimester of your pregnancy, throughout your breastfeeding journey, and until baby is 18 months of age, offering a pregnancy pillow, nursing pillow, tummy time support and more! 

Even better, choosing a Bellamoon support system is truly cost-effective for all mums and mums-to-be. With a number of add-on options in the ‘Build-a-BellaMoon’ range, mums can create the perfect system to support their individual journey. 

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