Whether you’re heading out to the park or disappearing off to sunnier climes, a good sun cream is one of the summer’s most important must-haves. And if you have a little one with sensitive skin, you’ll probably be aiming to avoid sunscreens that contain irritating chemicals and itch-inducing ingredients.

To point you in the right direction, we’ve put together 7 of the best natural and organic sun creams for babies and young children.

Best Natural and Organic Sun Creams for Babies

Remember: sunscreens cannot guarantee total skin protection. Babies under the age of six months should be kept out of direct sunlight entirely, especially around midday. Avoid taking older babies and children out between the hours of 11 am – 3 pm. See here for more sun safety tips for kids.

Green People Organic Children Sun Lotion SPF30 Scent Free, 150ml, £18.50

This high factor sun lotion is scent free and mild enough for children with sensitive skin, including those prone to eczema, psoriasis and prickly heat. The vast majority of parents say this sun lotion succeeds where others failed, causing no reaction or red flare ups at all.

Best Natural and Organic Sun Creams for BabiesIt’s non-greasy and doesn’t leave those annoying yellow marks on clothes like some sun creams do. It offers 97 percent UVB protection and high protection against UVA. The organic ingredients include aloe vera, green tea & Edelweiss. Plus, 30p from every sale will be donated to the Marine Conservation Society. Sounds like a winner to us!


MooGoo Sunscreen SPF30, 120g, £15.00

This sun cream is made by Australian company MooGoo and uses zinc oxide as the active ingredient, offering good broad-spectrum protection. Due to the high zinc content, it’s pretty thick, but rubs in surprisingly well and is non-greasy.

Best Natural and Organic Sun Creams for BabiesIt’s free from the UV filters, synthetic chemicals and the penetration enhancers found in many High Street brands. MooGoo sunscreen also contains no ingredients that are harmful to coral reefs! Suitable for all skin types, it needs to be reapplied at least every 4 hours or if physically rubbed off e.g. by towel drying.


Organii Sun Milk SPF50,125ml, £19.90

A SPF50 sun milk suitable for sensitive skin. Organii is a 100% mineral sun cream containing natural plant oils to nourish and protect delicate skin. Fragrance-free, this sun cream leaves no sticky residue.

Best Natural and Organic Sun Creams for BabiesIts ingredients include titanium dioxide, zinc oxide (both used in mineral sun creams to support full spectrum UV protection) and Karanja oil – used as a UVA and UVB absorber and SPF booster. Certified Organic in Italy, it’s also waterproof but will need to be re-applied after swimming.


Coola Organic SPF50 Baby Mineral Sunscreen, 90ml, £26.13

Designed especially for a baby’s extra delicate skin, this mineral SPF50 has broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. It contains over 70% certified organic ingredients and no chemicals or preservatives such as oxybenzone, parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. Additionally, it has no nano-sized particles (materials that are small enough to get inside the body when they’re not intended to do so).

Best Natural and Organic Sun Creams for BabiesOrganic sunflower and sesame seed oils are used to boost the skin’s natural SPF protection while a blend of organic shea and cocoa butter, organic avocado and coconut oils help to keep skin kissably soft. Water resistant for up to 80 minutes, so a good option for water babies.


Original Sprout Face & Body Sunscreen SPF27, 90ml, £12.95

A multi-award-winning sun cream that’s non-greasy and suitable for both vegans and babies. Made using natural and organic ingredients, it works well for those with sensitive or acne-prone skin conditions. It contains no titanium dioxide or nanoparticles.

Best Natural and Organic Sun Creams for BabiesThe SPF27 factor means it might not be your first choice for tropical climates and intense UK heatwaves (what are they?), but it’s suitable for most of the British summertime – just remember to reapply it slightly sooner than a standard SPF30.


Badger Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Kids SPF30 87mL £13.59

Badger Baby Sunscreen offers natural zinc oxide protection using just six ingredients. It is gently fragranced with organic tangerine & vanilla and contains beeswax and sunflower oil to help keep skin soft. It starts working as soon as you apply it (no 20-minute wait) and doesn’t drip.

Best Natural and Organic Sun Creams for BabiesBadger’s Baby Sunscreen is 100% certified natural, 98% certified organic and should be suitable for most skin types – patch test ultra-sensitive skin before full use if you aren’t sure. Water & sweat resistant for 40 minutes.


Yaoh Organic Hemp Seed Oil Sun Block SPF30, 240ml, £12.99

Hemp oil is known for its UV protective properties, as well as its soothing, healing effect on skin and hair. This sunblock combines the natural moisturising and revitalising qualities of organic hemp seed oil combined with the most effective and least damaging chemical ingredients used in traditional sun creams.

Best Natural and Organic Sun Creams for BabiesIt’s vegan certified and free from parabens and harmful substances. Water resistant and leaves skin feeling soft.