One of the toughest parts of potty training is dealing with your child’s needs when you’re out of the house. Because when little ones realise they gotta go, they usually mean RIGHT NOW!

Having a portable potty close at hand can help avoid little accidents or a mad rush to find a public toilet. We’ve put together four of the best travel potty options that are perfect for days out and holidays.

Kalencom Potette Plus

The Potette Plus is a full sized foldable potty that also transforms into a child’s toilet trainer seat. Hygienic and convenient, it can easily fit into the car boot, buggy and even many changing bags. The rubber feet prevent it from sliding around and it has a hygienic travel bag to be stored in.

Best Travel Potty

You’ll need to use a liner with this travel potty, either a reusable potty liner that can be bought separately, or absorbent and leak-proof disposable liners. These can be a little expensive, but a nappy bag with a cheap sanitary towel in the bottom do a similar job in a pinch.


TravelJohn Disposable Urinal

TravelJohn disposable urinal is useful solution if you need something small that’s going to hold wee without any liquid mess. Rather than being a standard potty, this product is made up of a biodegradable non-woven fabric pouch containing a biodegradable polymer substance which is called LIQSORB®.

Best Travel PottyThe TravelJohn absorbs liquid waste and turns it into an odourless, spill-proof gel bag that is non-toxic. The each TravelJohn can be reused until it is full and the volume indicator will tell you when it can’t hold anymore wee. The downside? It can’t hold solid waste, so if your little one needs a number two you’ll have to find a toilet. That being said, they’re still very handy in an emergency and you can buy models for both kids and grown-ups!

£7.95 for a pack of 3

OXO Tot 2-In-1 Go Potty Set

This sturdy travel potty is designed for standalone use with disposable bags, or as a toilet trainer seat on adult-sized toilets. The legs of the potty fold up when not in use so that it can fit in the travel bag (included).

Best Travel PottyThe potty comes with three disposable bags with absorbent pads (refills are available), but you can use any leak-proof plastic bag if necessary. The potty is quiet low, so it works better for smaller kids, but older toddlers may be more comfortable using the toilet trainer seat function.


BabyBjörn Smart Potty

The Baby Bjorn Smart Potty offers a great combination of comfort and practicality. The stable, ergonomic design features a separate inner potty that can be lifted out for emptying and cleaning, with a splashguard to prevent spills.

Best Travel Potty

Small and very lightweight, this is a handy potty to leave in the back of the car or pop into the buggy basket for days out. The Smart Potty is also made from recyclable, PVC-free plastic.