A Billericay mum is hoping to track down the anonymous heroine who saved her three-year-old son from choking.

Bentley Kirby began choking after accidentally swallowing a 2p coin whilst on a family day out at Canvey Island amusements on bank holiday Monday.

The unknown woman rushed to his aid in Parkins Palladium, in Eastern Esplanade.

She managed to dislodge the coin by striking the little boy on the back between his shoulder blades and reaching into his throat with two fingers. Bentley was then sick, forcing the coin out of his mouth.

Billericay mum hunts for heroine

Mum Jade Garner, 29, hurried Bentley to the toilet to clean him up after the incident, during which time the woman left the scene.

Jade told the Echo News: “It all just happened in a blur and it was only when I stopped to think that I realise just how close he could have been to dying.

“He wasn’t in another part of the arcade, he was by my side but I just hadn’t seen him holding the coin. I turned away and then saw him choking and shouted for help.

Jade would now like to find the lady responsible for saving her son so that she can thank her properly.

The lady is described as having blonde hair, and would have been at Parkins Palladium at around 4.30pm on Monday 30th May 2016. Jade has asked the woman to get in touch with her at jadekirby87@gmail.com.

Mick Allwood, co-ordinator of the Canvey First Responders, believes the back slaps saved Bentley’s life.

He commented: “The backslaps are a very important part of the process which removes the foreign body from the throat.”


Source: Maurice Richmond / www.echo-news.co.uk