Sorting out all the old baby stuff at the weekend, tucked in the side of a box, in a clear plastic folder, two pieces of paper and only slightly stained. Within minutes I was blubbing, I’d found my birthing plan:

“We will use the water bath to sooth the pain, relaxing music and aromatherapy oils to help relax me”.

We had put the hours in, preparing for the birth, attending NCT classes and reading all the books. One of my fondest memories from these classes, was the night my husband reverted to being a teenager and found it intensely funny to play with and fondle the knitted breast…hilarious!!

Anyway, we had our plan, we had practiced the breathing, positions, it was all going to be fine…

“EPIDURAL NOW” I remember screaming at my husband, whilst he was changing the music on the Ipod. “But darling, why don’t you have a dip in the bath, that what’s we have on our plan”.

“Get me the drugs now or you will be in that bath” I shouted as another contraction took over my body.

“Your only two centimetres” said the midwife, “this means your not really in labour yet”. “Not in Labour” I thought, I was in agony already, this was going to be painful!

I took the epidural and what a relief.

It baffles me, why we think that having attended a 6 week antenatal course and read a few books that we can go through labour with a little music and scented candles. You wouldn’t get a filling without any anesthetic!

Are you expecting – do you have a birthing plan? Did you have a birthing plan and did it go to plan? Please share your thoughts by commenting below.