Many parents could be accused of spoiling their children, but student mum Sophie May Dixon has shunned criticism for glamourising daughters Princess Bliss Tianna May, four, and Precious Bell Ruby Rosina, one, with spray tans, hair pieces and a designer wardrobe.

“My girls, I would say, are like little Barbie babies,” says the proud mum. “If Barbie was real, they would be her children.”

The 22-year-old, a single mother who is studying to become a counsellor, argues that there is nothing wrong with giving her four-year-old what she wants.

“People are small-minded,” she says. “They think I make her have the tan and wear the hair – but she wants it. I would never put her on a sun bed. It’s just a spray- tan and she doesn’t have it often. I’d like someone to tell me what is so bad?”

The Essex mum’s parenting style is set to come under fire in Channel 5 documentary Blinging Up Baby, Monday, July 28 at 9pm.