Why is it that at this time of year everyone you know is getting sick?  It starts with one person in the office and spreads like wildfire.  Your partner or one of the kids comes home sick and before you know it you are wrapped up in a blanket sipping on hot lemon and honey working your way through another box of tissues.

How quickly your body can fight the infection and get you back on your feet is totally dependent on an optimal intake of vitamins and minerals.  You need to make sure you are eating a diet rich in vitamins A, C & E as well as all the B Vitamins and this will ensure you are getting enough of the immunity boosting nutrients such as Zinc, Iron, Magnesium and Selenium.

Foods to boost your immunity naturally

You should take into consideration the type of fat you are eating as saturated or hydrogenated fat can clog up the lymphatic vessels which results in toxins building up in your system.  Eating omega 3 rich foods such as salmon, walnuts and flaxseed are recommended instead.

boost your immunity naturally

If you are suffering from a build-up of mucus you should avoid eggs and dairy products.  Adding black pepper, oregano, sage and thyme to meals is great as these are all cold fighting herbs that help to reduce inflammation, boost immunity as well as combat those annoying coughs. Don’t forget to continue to drink plenty of fluid to flush the infection and avoid becoming dehydrated and should you have a sore throat then suck on a teaspoon of honey.

The best foods to consume at this time of year are all types of vegetables, especially sweet potato, beetroot, carrots, broccoli and all things green!  Boost your antioxidant levels with berries and snack on oranges and kiwi fruit for their Vitamin C.

boost your immunity naturally

Eating right, drinking plenty of water and increasing the amount of sleep is the key to fighting off the cold and are a sure fire way of you bouncing back as quickly as possible!

These tips of course can be applied all within your family so that everyone can stay healthy together!

Author CJ’s Fitbumps – CJ is a pre and postnatal holistic health coach, group exercise instructor, personal trainer, nutrition expert and author of The Winning Physique. She provides specialist pre and post natal fitness classes and coaching at Riverside Ice and Leisure as well as offers one to one personalised health coaching programs lifestyle consultations and personal training. Find me at www.cjsfitbumps.com, email me via cj@cjsfitbumps.com or call me 07557683770.