A new purpose-built fertility clinic in Wickford is due to open its doors to patients this May.

Bourn Hall, which has 40 years of expertise in helping people overcome their fertility issues, has created its new Wickford centre that will offer a fresh approach to fertility wellbeing and treatment.

A far cry from the stereotype of a cold, clinical hospital, the latest Bourn Hall centre has the atmosphere of a boutique spa – a place where people can confidently seek treatment without feeling intimidated or out-of-place.

The Wickford fertility clinic will provide a full range of services, from initial fertility testing to NHS or self-funded IVF treatment. Free IVF treatment will be available for those who meet the criteria for donating or sharing eggs and sperm.

Fertility advice and treatment in a relaxed setting

While one in six couples struggle with infertility, many miss out on getting the right advice and treatment that can help them on their way to having the family they hope for.

Sarah Pallett, Bourn Hall’s Business Development Director, said, “Our concern is that people often go into denial about their fertility problems and put off getting advice through embarrassment.

“We want this to be a place where people feel they can come at any stage of their fertility journey, whether they have only just started trying for a family, want advice on boosting their natural fertility or have been trying for some time and are concerned that they may have a fertility issue.”

A unique feature of the clinic is its ‘fertility wellbeing hub’. This will be a space for complementary therapists to practice and focus on improving nutrition, fitness and reducing stress that can impact fertility and make seeking treatment more difficult.

Built near the station, the Wickford clinic has good transport links and free onsite parking.

Sarah adds: “We will offer flexible early morning, evening and weekend appointments to help patients fit treatment around work and other commitments.”

To mark the opening of their new clinic, Bourn Hall is offering a free consultation with a fertility nurse specialist.  For more information about this offer please visit bit.ly/2q5eYsz