We came across a great blog today about motherhood that we hope will make you laugh as much as it has made us laugh. It’s called ‘This is your brain on noise’ and it’s written by Kim Forde. Here’s a snippet:

“Let’s visit the lost art of sibling mediation. Today, for instance, I negotiated the following:

  • The safe release of a certain princess hostage from the grip of ninja warriors.
  • The share time of a singular and untouched-for-the-last-three-years toy car that is missing a wheel.
  • The distribution of vegetables between the pro-broccoli and the pro-corn set.
  • Possession of the remote control.
  • The replacement of an uncomfortable sock due to poor seam placement.
  • Selection of a bedtime book.
  • The order of entrance into the minivan.
  • Who gets the red cup today.
  • Bath or shower? Bath or shower? Bath or shower? OMG, PICK ONE.”

Read more here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kim-forde/this-is-your-brain-on-noise_b_4634647.html?ref=topbar

Have you had to mediate with your little one today?  Please share your top five mediation/negotiations that you have performed with your little ones today by commenting below.