A Braintree restaurant has been named as the best venue for families in Essex.

The Tutti Grille at Freeport Braintree was awarded the prize for ‘Best Family Restaurant in Essex’ at the Essex Tourism and Hospitality Awards on 14 October 2015.

‘Mini adult’ menu

More than just your standard restaurant, the Tutti Grille has waiters that can do magic tricks – perfect for entertaining little ones. It also boasts a ‘mini adults’ menu for children, which takes a step away from the usual burgers and nuggets. Favourites include grilled chicken, chargrilled steak, barbecue ribs and a design your own pizza.

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Lorna Evans, Restaurant Manager, Tutti Grille said that staff were used to being praised my families visiting the restaurant: “Our customers have told us for a long time that we’re the best family restaurant in Essex, but receiving this recognition was “the icing on the cake.”

She commented: “We’ve worked hard to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where families can dine in style and where children aren’t restricted to just eating chicken nuggets or fish fingers.

We’re proud to have become the place for families to come to when they want to celebrate a birthday, family occasion or just a treat!”

Community spirit

Tutti overcame competition from bigger brands by working closely with the local community. Staff run cooking competitions with schools, invite nursery children to turn on the restaurant Christmas lights and raise funds for community organisations.

The Essex Tourism and Hospitality Awards, recognise the best attractions, restaurants and pubs the county has to offer. The winners in each category are those deemed by the judges to offer the best value for money, variety and quality.