As women worldwide continue to battle for the right to breastfeed their children in public places without discrimination or judgement, one company has come up with an idea to help mums who would prefer to nurse in total privacy.

Mamava, a company who say they are committed to “transforming the culture of breastfeeding,” have created breastfeeding pods intended to offer mums a safe, clean environment in which to nurse or pump.

Each pod includes seating for a small family, enough space for luggage and a buggy, lockable door, a table and power outlet for a breast pump, soft lighting, a mirror, and clean-up supplies.

Although some critics have argued that these booths may encourage the idea that breastfeeding should only take place in private places, the company claim that their aim is to help more mothers feel comfortable with continuing to breastfeed inside and outside of the home.

“We believe that breastfeeding is a personal choice,” states Mamava’s mission statement, “that there are as many philosophies and styles of breastfeeding as there are breastfeeding women, and that women who chose to breastfeed should be able to do so, whenever, wherever they and their babies feel most comfortable.”

So far three breastfeeding pods have been installed at Milwaukee’s General Mitchell International Airport, two at Newark Liberty International Airport, one in the JetBlue terminal at Kennedy Airport, one at La Guardia Airport, and one in Vermont’s Burlington International Airport, although there are plans for expanding to a number of locations. The company have also created a Mamava Lactation Station Locator app to help mums find a nearby pod.