We’ve come to expect a lot of Christmastime. Fun, laughter, and big dollop of magic. But one thing nicest things about the festive season is the spirit of generosity it brings.

This year the Brentwood Theatre have been working hard to put together a performance of The Wind in the Willows that will be as accessible as possible.

brentwood theatre

Thanks to some fantastic fundraising activity and sponsorship, the theatre will be putting on a special autism-friendly performance. As well as being more relaxed, the performance will also be offered at a reduced rate of £5.50 per ticket.

The performance is scheduled at 6pm on Thursday 17 December. On Monday 14th December there will be an open evening at 6pm to allow people attention the relaxed show to get used to the space and meet the team of friendly volunteers.

Final touches are still being made, but current plans for the production included no loud noises or sudden surprises, soft lighting left on, free movement in and around the theatre whenever needed, and a relaxation area in the foyer. Brentwood Theatre goers will also be provided with a specialised welcome pack ahead of their visit.

brentwood theatre

Nearly £3,000 was raised to help pay for the show.

For more details, please call Liz on 01277 200305, who will call you back (usually on a Friday) to sort out the details.