Essex Baby Review

Kiddicare recently sent Essex Baby a Buzzing Brains Rock Star Keyboard and Stool for our product review team to try out. We passed the toy over to a member of our review team, who tried them out with her child and has written a review. Take a read and see what she thinks. Does your child have this toy? Let us know what you think of it too.

Product Description and Price

The Buzzing Brains Rock Star Keyboard and Stool helps children to discover cause and effect through hands-on exploration. Playing music is a great boost to a child’s confidence. The keyboard features 31 piano keys with flashing lights, a demo song, record and playback function, eight rhythms and lots more.

The toy is priced at £22.99

Why do you want to recommend this product?

The Buzzing Brains Rock Star Keyboard and Stool is a great value product to keep little ones amused and entertained. Both my children (aged 2 & 3) love this keyboard! My three year old loves to sit on the little stool and play a tune and sing into the microphone. My son, who is just two, prefers to use the demo function and pretends to play along with the music. He also loves to plug in and unplug the microphone, over and over!

Essex Baby Rating:


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I give this product a rating of 5/5 as it has kept our children amused for hours, and is great value for money at just £22.99.

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