A Canvey dad who delivered his second daughter has described how baby books and TV programmes helped to prepare him for the big moment.

Bill Flateau, 34, told the Essex County Standard that tips from shows such as One Born Every Minute equipped the him with the key knowledge he needed to aid his little girl’s arrival.

When Bill and girlfriend Lindsey Brittain, 29, realised their baby’s birth was imminent, the couple called an ambulance for assistance. However, it quickly became apparent that their newcomer was going to arrive before the paramedics.

Mr Flateau said: “From my point of view it was terrifying. I wanted to make sure Lindsey was comfortable and the baby was coming out safely.

“I just had to get by with my general knowledge and what I had seen on films and TV. We went through fertility treatment and tried for four years before our first daughter, Evie, was born, so I have read a lot of books on babies and done quite a bit of research.”

An East of England Ambulance Service call handler talked Mr Flateau through the labour.

By the time the ambulance arrived at their home in Hillberry Road, the couple’s 7lb 11oz daughter was safely in Lindsey’s arms.

While Mr Flateau’s research may have helped him prepare for his baby’s delivery, he also admits that it wasn’t all plain sailing: “The sight of the head made me feel a bit queasy and I had to have a drink to calm down.”

“Not many people can say they delivered their own daughter,” he adds. “Mother and baby are doing well – this is certainly a story I can tell her when she’s older.’’

For full Essex County Standard article by Chloe Chapman visit: http://www.essexcountystandard.co.uk/archive/2015/02/06/11775472.Oh_baby__I_delivered_my_daughter_with_help_of_TV_show_tips/