A young care worker became a hero after catching a baby boy dropped from the window of a burning building.

Bethan Woolford, 20, was on her way to work when she noticed mother Robyn Jeffery screaming for help as her home was engulfed by smoke.

Bethan told the Harlow Star: “She was screaming ‘my baby is with me, my baby is in here’. I said to her to throw the baby down and I would catch him. She was scared, but I promised her I would catch him.

“She held him out of the window and let go, and I caught him round his waist.”

Following his rescue, baby Harley seemed oblivious to the drama unfolding around him. “He [the baby] was laughing,” Bethany added, “he thought it was hilarious.”

A passing van driver helped the mother to escape using ladders from his vehicle.

Bethan’s mother Beverley said: “I’m incredibly proud of her. The whole family is so proud.”

The blaze left Robyn and Harley homeless, but they have since be rehoused.

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