Every month we plan to choose an Essex based business or organisation from the Essex Baby Directory to celebrate the success of the business and tell people what it has to offer. This month we are celebrating Conscious Birth. Read more here to find out about Conscious Birth…

We met up with the owner of Conscious Birth, Steph Grainger, and asked her the following questions:

What is Conscious Birth?

Conscious Birth offers Doula and Hypnobirthing services throughout Essex.

What made you set up Conscious Birth?

Conscious Birth was set up shortly after completing my training to be a Hypnobirthing teacher in May 2011. It was through my work as a Doula that I was privileged to witness a Hypnobirth. I was so amazed by the calmness of my client that I knew I had to learn more.

How long has Conscious Birth been running?

Three years

How is Conscious Birth good for a child’s development?

Giving baby the best start in life is so important! We teach Hypnobirthing during pregnancy and Mum practices deep relaxation daily, so in turn the message she is sending to her baby is one of calmness and relaxation. We give women the tools to remain calm and relaxed through labour whatever turns the birth may take.

Though mothers come to Hypnobirthing for a calm and gentle birth for themselves, remember that it also means a calm and gentle birth for your baby. A baby who enters the world drug free and alert, to be greeted by a mother who is also alert, loving and confident, starts life and forms its first relationship in this world in the best possible way. This is the blueprint for all the other relationships it forms throughout its life, and so has an affect on all the people it meets. The significance of this cannot be over-estimated.

How many people work for the company, where is it based, and where can people find the classes?

Initially Conscious Birth was started by myself and another Doula, but I now run it alone. I am based in Chelmsford, Essex and teach my group classes here, however I also teach one-to-one private classes throughout Essex. I also offer my Doula services throughout Essex too.

Do you have children? How old are they?

I have three boys and they are currently, 17,15 and 11.

What are your long term plans for Conscious Birth?

To keep doing what I am doing! I will also be offering group classes from another location this year too.

Tell us something personal about yourself

I was born and raised in Chelmsford and had my children in the old maternity unit, St John’s. With my third pregnancy I was very lucky to have the same midwife throughout my pregnancy and she was also there at the birth. This meant that I had a familiar face at the birth and one I trusted! My third birth was by far my best, as I laboured naturally and my son was born to a mother that was alert and calm. This is the foundation for my Doula work as I know the difference that continuity of care can make. Having a face you know that is reassuring and telling you that everything is ok and normal is worth its weight in gold!