Valentine’s Day is always a celebration of love and togetherness for blissfully happy couples, but how much more special is the celebration when you add a new baby to the equation? For many weary parents with children, the romantic spontaneity of red roses, gourmet candlelit dinners and chocolate covered strawberries can be swallowed up by the din of wind-up toys, cartoon jingles and your darling’s crocodile tears. However, your first Valentine’s departure away from being a twosome can actually be a bonding, affirming experience.

Here, Sabina Armani of It’s My Magazine shares five fun suggestions to make your Valentine’s Day precious and perfect:

1) Handmade Valentine’s cards

Hopefully we’re all young enough to remember the countless hours dedicated to creating Valentine’s cards; fingers sticky with glue, cardigan dusted in glitter, carefully cutting symmetrical paper hearts. The best moment was probably the pride you felt when you saw the look of adoration on your crush’s face. Well, now you can magnify that tenfold as you have a helper whose contribution will make your other half go all gooey inside. Baby feet and hands are always fascinating due to their adorable tininess. Why not dip your baby’s feet in red paint (non-toxic and water-based) and create funky flowers? Or dabble their fingers in the colours of the rainbow to create a pop art masterpiece dedicated to the one you love.

2)  Baby’s Day Out! 

We all like to appear cultured, or at least pretend we do! With baby in tow, the two of you now have the perfect excuse to release your inner child. Celebrity events planner Medina Williamson of suggests the following – “Plan an itinerary of activities all with a childhood theme. Bundle up the baby, pack some snacks and spend the afternoon exploring London together – as long as all eventualities are planned for, there’s no reason why new parents can’t take a day trip with a very young baby.” Try the V&A Museum of Childhood for size. This beautiful building is a family favourite and home to hundreds of childhood memories; hitting the nostalgia spot for us adults and feeding the curiosity of the little ones. Similarly, the Museum of Childhood is great for a meander down memory lane and it is as wondrous as it is other-worldly. For a more stately afternoon, why not visit the Essex Rose Tea House, where the three of you can relax with a well-deserved hot chocolate covered in marshmallows.

3) Reclaim your inner fierce with some clay based competition!

If you’re artistic and have a yearning to sculpt your talent, try your hand at pottery painting! Recreating the famous scene from Ghost may not be appropriate during this session, but you can both bring baby along to the Clay & Craft Cottage in Hullbridge and create something beautiful. See who can come up with the most stunning creation using your baby’s hand or toe prints as inspiration. From ceramic hearts to a personalised set of family mugs, getting down and dirty and competitive can really re-spark that initial playful nature you loved about each other – be warned though, the banter may ignite passions you haven’t felt since before baby was born!

4) Capture the memories – your Valentine’s Edition

How long has it been since you’ve all enjoyed a family photo session, if ever? From your newborn baby propped inside a flower to a cake smash photo shoot for their first birthday, make sure you get in quick before they toddle off to their next milestone. It’s My Magazine is offering a Valentine’s special shoot for parents and baby which their journalists and photo editing whizz kids will compile into a personalised magazine, charting everything from your meeting and love story to baby’s birth and beyond. The It’s My Funny Valentine shoot allows you both to get creative and explore  photography ideas ranging from the comical to the glamorous, or a combination of both – recreate the Kim K, Kanye and baby North Vogue shoot if you so desire, sky’s the limit! You will receive five copies of your family’s slice of history within this limited edition package and gift vouchers are also available from

5) And if you really want it to be just about the two of you…

We all love being pampered. Mani-pedis, mud baths, massages, makeovers; whatever ‘M’ tickles our fancy. We also love our nieces and nephews and any opportunity for cheap labour! Bribe that fourteen year old into babysitting with a cinema ticket (maybe even two!) and rendezvous in a luxury suite. Your magical getaway can include beautiful bouquets, a bottle of Champagne, delicious chocolates and fruity macaroons, as well as a romantic dinner! Just ensure that you take it easy if you’re the designated driver, after so much time away, even a glass of bubbly can make you merry.

So whatever you do decide to do, ensure you treat yourself and the one you love this Valentine’s Day as, honestly guys, you both deserve it!