As soon as little ones master the art of mobility, there’s no stopping them! They want to explore every corner of the home, touch everything in it and for some, undertake a spot of testing of their durabilty!

Keeping a constant eye on curious explorers can be a challenge, seeing as most are drawn like a moth to a flame at the sight of anything colourful, shiny or expensive! (How do they know to choose the most expensive of your belongings to play with?!)

For many, storing our prized posessions behind closed doors keeps little peepers out. However they soon quickly discover how to overcome cupboard doors!

The answer – get those cupboards child-proofed!

There are a number of devices available to not only keep little hands off your big buys, but also to ensure they don’t get hurt whilst munching on your stiletto’s or testing the breaking point of your fine bone china!

Little angels will never understand the importance of that limited edition Soprano’s box set or your back catalouge of albums! Keep them from popping their prints off your favourite flicks with this Glass Cabinet Lock.

For those with mini Heston’s and Nigella’s around the home, these BabyDan kitchen cupboard locks are perfect for preventing them from getting their hands on your utensils. They require no fitting and can be used on a range of cupboards and cabinets around the home.

Many parents don’t like to use cupboard locks as they can be a nightmare for even us to open in a hurry! These Magnetic Locks can be turned on and off as and when required, saving you from delays whilst cooking up that Sunday roast!

Not only do little ones get a shock and a shiver when opening the fridge door, but how annoying is it when the door isn’t closed fully and your freezer starts to defrost! Keep paws out with a Clippasafe Fridge Lock, easily fitted with adhesive pads.

For drawers, keep hands from getting hurt on sharp cutlery or utensils with a Two Way Drawer Lock which can be twisted to disengage when not needed.

Like we say, little hands will wander anywhere they haven’t yet explored…including the toilet seat!

Yes, there’s a lock for that too! This Emmay Care Toilet Lock does the job nicely, without spening too many pennies! (No prizes for pun-spotting!)