An impromptu photoshoot has captured heart-warming scenes as a family celebrates their first Christmas with baby quadruplets.

The four tiny babies, who were born fifteen weeks prematurely in September, were pictured with mum Amanda Sallaska as they prepared for their first visit from Santa.

Curled up inside Christmas stockings, the quads look the image of contentment as they are cradled in their mother’s arms. It was also the first time the new mum had ever held her babies all at the same time.

Dad Grant, from Kansas, told the HLN television channel: “Christmas for us is about Jesus and family, and with all that has happened the last several months we just want to be together to celebrate the birth of our Saviour and enjoy one other’s company as a family.”

Although the couple had feared their children would not survive their early arrival, the babies are now said to be doing well and continue to gain strength at the University of Colorado Hospital, near Denver.

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