A school in Newport has decided to take all its inset days in one week to help parents save on the cost of family holidays.

Eveswell Primary School have announced that its five annual teacher training days will be taken in a one week block following the Whitsun half term in June 2016.

Head teacher Catherine Barnett said she hoped the move would allow parents to take advantage of cheaper holidays without having to take their children out of school for holidays during term time.

Mrs Barnett said: “There will be five training days for staff where the school is closed to pupils.

“It has been decided to take these as one whole week with the hope that cheaper holidays can be booked and therefore holidays will not affect attendance at other times in the year.”

The schools decision comes as councils continue to issue fines for unauthorised absences.

Parent Gemma Thomas said of the move: “If every school did this but chose a different week to other council areas it would be completely fantastic for families.”

Fellow parent Kirsty Powles said: “I was very happy to see this in a letter this week – I think it’s a fab idea.”

However, some other parents have suggested that reorganising inset days can only ever be a short term solution to high holiday prices and term time fines.

Emily Whiltshire, from Chelmsford, commented: “How helpful would this move be for families like mine who have children in different schools? I can image this just adding to childcare difficulties for many working parents.

“The solution isn’t to create more official school holidays, but to allow teachers and heads to authorise absences in relation to the needs of individual families.”

Source: BBC News

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