By Laura Mason

I never intended to co sleep with children, we just naturally fell into the pattern.  Breastfeeding and close comfort was essential for settling my children to the point it seemed counter-intuitive to be placing them in and out of a Moses basket.

This is why when I discovered the Chicco Next2Me side sleeper crib, it was a lifesaver – a safe and secure way to enable my baby was right next to me without any of the dangers that we are warned about when it comes to co-sleeping.  If you’re not familiar with this revolutionary crib, in summary it allows you to sleep next to your child without sharing the same bed.  Its flexibility allows it to be used as a stand-alone crib, travel cot or as an innovative side sleeping crib with a detachable side that cleverly attaches and sits flush and to your own bed.

The side-sleeping element was a game changer for me.  Being able to roll over to sort baby’s needs at the first hint of any issues meant I could address any concerns before they had fully woken, and having them close for me, enabled me to relax more knowing I was able to closely monitor for any signs of distress.  Having babies that also loved being close provided an essential comfort to them and I definitely noted improved sleep patterns.

Fast-forward a few years and building on the success of the Next2Me, Chicco has now launched the Next2Me Magic.  Featuring the same innovative design and benefits, there’s more of a focus on functionality.

Chicco Next2Me Magic Crib

The one handed drop down side panel is a really useful introduction (it was previously a little trickier to open), making it more simple and quick, especially in the middle of the night if you need to change things up or just balancing things with baby in the other arm.

I noticed that the materials for the crib have also changed with more breathable mesh panels replacing previous material elements.  This is largely beneficial to baby in providing an improved air flow around and inside the cot, but also provides better visibility to parents looking side on, handy if you’re sneaking a peek while lying in bed.

It’s a good solid crib, slightly larger than your average first Moses basket so it often extends beyond the recommended six-month age group (just be sure to check on weight limits).  It is also really sturdy, a feature that not all travel cribs possess, while maintaining a very reasonable weight that makes it good to move around the home or pack up in the travel bag and use outside of the home.

Many of the previous features I really liked remain, such as the wide range of adjustable heights that match up to your bed frame (include higher divan beds), the tilt function, really useful for any babies suffering from reflux and congestion and the wheels for easy mobility.

I loved the Next2Me, but building on this I’d definitely highly recommend the Chicco Next2Me Magic Crib as a fantastic flexible option for parents that will inevitably help support through the minefield that is sleep in those first few months.

The Chicco Next2Me Magic Crib is priced £239.00.  For more information, visit