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A well designed, quality swim towel. Perfect for getting your little one dry and warm, quickly after swimming.

Product Description and Price

Designed with the help of baby swimming professionals, the supersoft baby Swim towel from Cuddledry will keep your baby warm and dry after swimming.The extra-large, thick and fluffy towels are made from natural bamboo which is soft, absorbent and has anti bacterial properties. £24.99

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This towel is perfect from birth and beyond. It promises to be super soft which it definitely is! The more you wash the softer and more absorbent it becomes. The popper front is perfect for keeping the towel secure. The bamboo also offers natural antibacterial properties which keep germs at bay. It is also very absorbent and doesn’t get too heavy like some towels, so it was nice and light on the way home from the pool. The Cuddleswim Baby Swim Towel has a premium price tag, but the bamboo gets softer the more you wash it, so it is a great long term investment for any waterbaby! For toddlers there is also a toddler poncho towel.

Essex Baby Rating


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I have rated the Cuddleswim Baby Swim Towel as a four out of five4 out of 5. It does has a premium price tag, but I loved it.

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