A couple from Danbury have shared their delight at the safe arrival of their rare triplets.

Claire and Gurcan Cerikci were overjoyed to discover that they were expecting triplet, but became concerned after discovering that two of the babies were monoamnioitic twins, which meant that they were sharing the same placenta and amniotic sac.

“This meant they were extremely high risk,” said Claire.

“They could have suffered from twin-to-twin transfusion, meaning one grows too big and the other doesn’t grow, and cord entanglement, which means they make a knot in their umbilical cords and could potentially starve each other, or themselves, of oxygen and nutrients.

“My babies’ cords were found to be entangled at 16 weeks, meaning it was a worrying pregnancy throughout.

“I went for bi-weekly scans until I was 24 weeks and then went weekly until their delivery at University College Hospital, in London, which specialises in multiple pregnancies.

“I was told that in a twin pregnancy there is a 1 in 65,000 chance of this happening, but it is even rarer in a triplet pregnancy.”

Despite the couple’s concerns, all three babies were safely delivered by caesarean section at Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford.

Identical twins, Kuzey and Koray, both weighing 3lb 13ozs each were delivered at 11.29am, followed by Ayaz, weighing 4lb 2ozs, at 11.30am.

Claire said: “They all came out crying and needed just minimal breathing assistance after birth.

They were all breathing by themselves by day four. It’s such a relief, they are all beautiful.”

Claire and Gurcan also have three other children, Yaren, nine, Kutay, eight, and Kaya, three.

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