Daughters spend an average of £7,100 on gifts for their mums over a lifetime, a new study has suggested – more than double the amount they spend on their dads.

Research, commissioned by cashback and rewards site Quidco, shows that mums are treated to shopping trips, days out and spontaneous gifts throughout the year.

Dads, on the other hand, will receive only £3,200 worth of gifts from their daughters over their lifetime, primarily at Christmas and on birthdays.

While both mums and dad receive anniversary gifts of a similar value (£9.46 and £9.00 respectively), daughters will splash out £10 per year more on birthday gifts for mum and triple the amount on meals.

The study also showed that sons tends to spend more on mums too, with £6,400 worth of treats going to mum and just £3,200 to dad.

Andy Oldham, Managing Director of Quidco, said: “The study has demonstrated what our own shopping data was also telling us, that mums come out on top when it comes to special occasions and treats from their kids.

“Indeed, we see a much bigger spike of people coming to site for cards and gifts in the run up to Mother’s Day when compared to Father’s day.”

He also added that this extra spending may not be a sign of favouritism.

“Obviously, spending is not always a measure of which parent is favourite, and there can be no substitute for a thoughtful gift, regardless of price tag.

“Whoever you are shopping for, one way to make your gift go a little bit further is to investigate the cashback options. Whether you are looking for flowers or a Ferrari driving experience, getting cash back on your spend can boost your gift budget, whatever you choose to spend.”

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