As reusable (or cloth) nappies continue to become a firm favourite with new mums and dads, here at Essex Baby we wanted to compare some of the most popular and well-known brands on the market.

Our Essex Baby reviewers have tested the following brands for crucial qualities such as absorbency, ease of use, fit, drying time – and the cute factor! Let’s find out what they think:



TotsBots All-in-One and Two-Part System
TotsBots are currently the UK’s leading reusable nappy brand, but does their performance match their reputation?



Wonderoos V3
The Wonderoos V3 are a highly adjustable pocket-style nappy that promise to last from birth to potty. Could the Wonderoos be our wonder-nappy?




bumGenius Stay Dry 4.0
The bumGenius Stay Dry 4.0 is a one-size nappy that promises to keep your baby dry and comforatable. Will it meet the mark?



bambino mio

Bambino Mio All-in One and Two-Piece System
These award-winning Bambino Mio nappies look simple and stylish. Are they really as easy to use as a disposable?



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