A couple from Essex have issued a warning to other parents-to-be after spending £21,000 on IVF that they didn’t actually need.

Sarah and Michael Anderson, of Trinity Road, Southchurch, Southend, say they were told by private healthcare provider Spire Wellesley Hospital that IVF was the only way they would become parents.

As Mr Anderson already had a child from a previous relationship, the couple claim that a doctor at Spire Wellesley told them that their only option was to pay for private IVF treatment.

It was only after the couple had paid for four rounds of failed IVF that staff at a different clinic told Mrs Anderson that she needed a routine laparoscopy – an examination of the abdomen and pelvis.

During the laparoscopy, it was discovered that the cause of her infertility was blocked tubes and endometriosis.

The 42-year-old said: “We were told that we would require IVF as we had been trying for quite a while, nothing was happening and after blood checks and semen samples we have in writing this was the route to proceed, but not once did any professionals ever think to request a laparoscopy.

“When I finally sought further help from my doctors, after visiting the Canvey scan clinic where I had visited due to a miscarriage after a failed IVF.

“It was discovered both my tubes were blocked and I had lots of abrasions and endometriosis.

“The surgeon performing the procedure even said this is the first stage of investigations, which should have been carried out and was shocked it hadn’t before we parted with our money.

“Once I had the laparoscopy done and a small procedure, I fell pregnant straight away.”

Spire Wellesley

The couple now have a one-year-old son, called Alfie, who was conceived naturally.

The Andersons want to warn others to not opt for expensive private healthcare treatments until they are certain all routine tests have been completed.

Mr Anderson added: “We parted with £21,000 for IVF when it was never needed. Spires in Southend never did simple checks that would have normally been performed if I had seen the same doctor practising there under the NHS route instead of as a private client.”

In response to the couple’s claims, Matthew Calver, a spokesman for Spire Wellesley Hospital, said: “At Spire Wellesley Hospital, excellent patient care and safety is our top priority and we set extremely high standards across every aspect of our hospital.

“I am sorry to learn that Mrs Anderson has raised a concern regarding her treatment but I am unable to discuss any aspect in detail given our strict legal duties of confidentiality. Should she wish, I urge Mrs Anderson to contact me at the hospital so we can discuss her concerns.”


Source: Southend Echo