A mum from Colchester has started a business giving makeunders to overly glamour dolls after becoming fed up with the unrealistic message they send to her daughters.

Katie Chappell, 41, strips dolls of their make-up and revealing clothes and repaints them with a more child-like look.

Mum-of-two Katie offers customers the choice of either sending her a doll to be remodelled or choosing one from her collection. She most commonly deals with Bratz dolls, which have been heavily criticised since their release in 2001 due to their excessive make-up and skimpy clothes.

Her Facebook-based business, Ruthie Dolls, is attracting attention from around the world – she sold dolls to people in America and Australia.

dolls a makeunder

Credit: Daily Gazette

Commenting in the Daily Gazette, Katie said: “It is becoming increasingly important to parents to present a more natural, child-like doll to their children.

“It’s going back to natural faces rather than a made up face that girls then model themselves on.

“It’s funny what we’ve started to accept for our children.”

Katie, who is a portrait painter by trade, removes make-up from the dolls’ faces with acetone-based nail varnish before using her skills to repaint them in a more down-to-earth style. She then dresses the dolls in new outfits handmade by her friend Ruth Manning, from Surrey.

The dolls cost between £19.99 and £24.99.

She said: “I’ve had some lovely messages. People are saying it’s refreshing to see natural faces.

“My girls absolutely love the dolls.

“There has been interest from different countries. It’s been really good.”

Source: Daily Gazette/Zoe Forsey