A couple from Essex claim their human rights have been infringed after being fined for taking their child out of school to attend a family memorial.

James and Dana Haymore, from Chelmsford, refused to pay Essex County Council a £120 penalty for taking their 11-year-old son to six day memorial for his great grandfather in the US.

The fine has now risen to £1000 because of their refusal to pay.

Rosie Brighouse, speaking for the National Council for Civil Liberties, also known as Liberty, said: “Common sense must prevail here. Is criminalising parents for taking their children out of school for momentous family events really the best use of council resources, court time and public money?

“The rules that led to the Haymores’ ordeal go no way towards addressing the deeper and more complex social problems that contribute to some children repeatedly missing school.”

Would you be willing to go to trial for taking your child out of school for a major family event? Please share your thoughts by commenting below.

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