Hundreds of Essex teachers could be made redundant if cuts to school budgets continue, unions have claimed.

The National Union of Teachers (NUT), which represents school teachers in the UK, has slammed ongoing budget cuts, stating that it will hit disadvantaged children the hardest.

School Cuts

An interactive website created by NUT and ATL (association of teachers and lecturers) reveals the extent of the cuts for each school and region. By entering a postcode on the website homepage, visitors can see how all the schools in their area are likely to be effected between now and 2020.

You can see how the funding crisis is expected to affect your local school here.

While the demand for school places across the county increases year on year, reduced funding means it’s becoming harder for local schools to make ends meet. Lower budgets often result in teacher and teaching assistant redundancies.

The NUT say that if Government plans go ahead as expected, schools with the most deprived intake of pupils will face the greatest average losses – around £579 per primary school child, and £784 for those in secondary schools.

The School Cuts website estimates that, under current Government policies, by 2020 Essex schools may have lost nearly 1,900 teachers and had their budgets reduced by over £69million.

Union campaign against school cuts

Mary Bousted, General Secretary of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, said: “We urge the Government to do the right thing and fund schools adequately so that they don’t have to cut the subjects they teach and can pay to put a teacher in front of every class.”

Jerry Glazier, NUT general secretary in Essex, told the EADT: “Schools, like other public services have increased demands and reduced funds and this has to have an impact on the service.

“We have launched a campaign against school cuts and are trying to draw public attention to what is happening. As the pressures escalate, many heads are fearful. The effects can only be fewer teachers, fewer support staff and larger classes.”