The mum of two little girls from Essex whose pocket money was stolen by thieves has thanked a generous stranger for replacing their savings.

Burglars raided the family’s Notley Road home last month and took around £15 of change from moneyboxes owned by seven-year-old Jessica Lee and her sister, Daisy, six.

The generous stranger was Amanda Georgeson, from Chelmsford, who contacted the Times after learning of the incident.

She said: “As a parent myself, I know how good it is to encourage your kids to save and how much achievement they feel when they have.

“To steal from children is a very low act and we wanted to do something.

“As we had just had piggy banks made for work, it was ideal.”

The Times delivered replacement money boxes containing £10 for each of the girls, as well as two Smarties Easter eggs.

Mum Mitch Poulton, 30, said: “They were very pleased. It was a very generous gift and very much appreciated.

“We have also added £10 to each money pot so they actually have more now than they did before the burglary.

“Many thanks to the people who sent the gifts. There really are some nice people out there.”

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