The University of Essex has launched a new research project about infant and child cognitive development, run by their brand new research group: Babylab. The Babylab studies learn about babies’ recognition of other people, as well as infants learning about the multi sensory world around them. Are you interested in the research?

Are you interested in your baby taking part?

Babylab says: “We understand that babies don’t want to sit around too long so we make our studies simple, fun and interesting. Our infant participants take part in a selection of games whereby they are invited to look at interesting images or events, whilst older children are presented with different objects in more interactive situations.

Even though we are registering lots of babies who attend local nursery schools and clubs, we need more babies to be participants! So, if you are a parent of a very young child (0-2 years) we would like to invite you to register them for inclusion in our forthcoming studies. To do so please visit our webpage at

Parents who register their child will be contacted when we are running a study suitable for their child’s age, asking when it would be the best time for them to come and visit us. Our young participants receive a small gift for helping with our research.

We are also on Facebook so why not type in the address and see what we have been getting up to of late? Whilst you’re having a look around the page don’t forget to ‘like’ us!”

Good luck with the research Babylab! We’ll definitely be interested in the findings at Essex Baby.