A health expert has criticised Kim Kardashian for becoming the latest celebrity to treat their child as an ‘accessory baby’.

A photograph tweeted by Kim Kardashian showed the reality TV star cuddled up in bed with her 20-month-old daughter, North West, who was wearing a pearl necklace.

“Kim is being so irresponsible as a parent and treating her child like an accessory baby”, said Alison Edwards, a senior lecturer in Midwifery at Birmingham City University.

“Babies have suffered injury and even fatalities due to inappropriate exposure to harmful items that they’ve been wearing or dressed in. I’ve known of babies who have lost fingers after getting them entwined in threads from their clothes and there is clearly a high possibility of this happening with a pearl necklace.

“Not only that, a child could swallow and choke on elements of jewellery items. Kim needs reminding that young babies aren’t born with a gag reflex so her daughter wouldn’t cough if she swallowed something harmful. Why else do we have health warning on toys?”

In recent months, Kim Kardashian has reportedly told shop assistants that North has a “particular style” and that she is “only dressing her in black right now”.

The mother and daughter duo have also been spotted in the front row of several fashion catwalks, including an appearance at New York Fashion week.

The ‘accessory baby’ trend was highlighted earlier this month at Milan Fashion Week, where models in the Dolce & Gabbana show strutted down the runway cradling babies.

Kim Kardashian is not the only celeb mum to be accused of irresponsible parenting in recent week. Farrah Abraham, star of reality show ‘Teen Mom’, made the headlines over claims that she had dyed her six-year-old daughter’s hair. Farrah had previously admitted to waxing her daughter’s eyebrows when she was just three.

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