The selling sites eBay, Craigslist and Gumtree are now offering used positive pregnancy tests and fake baby scans for sale.

For just £20, you can purchase a fake positive pregnancy test online and use it to scare the life out of your partner.

Intended to be used as tricks, the fake pregnancy tests show genuine results, having been peed on by real pregnant women.

A percentage of customers consider the gag gifts to be entertaining, but is there a negative side to the online sale of unhygienic purchases?

One business-minded seller remarked: “Whether you are using it for your own amusement such as a prank, or to blackmail who you are having an affair with, I DON’T CARE AT ALL, this is an absolutely no questions asked type of deal”.

However, a more sinister view relates it to a culture of faked pregnancies and contested parenthood, made into a joke by a generation of lie detector tests on talk-shows like Maury and Jeremy Kyle.

But the pregnant state cannot be hidden for long and can only lead to a fake abortion or faked miscarriage.

Even though these products can be seen as morally wrong, there is still a market. This poses the question of what kind of person would resort to this action?

One such buyer on Craigslist purchased her test to revenge her cheating partner who had got his secretary pregnant: “I was with my ex for 5 year and 2 children. We had been trying, and he came home last night and said out of all things, his receptionist, he got pregnant. He had been cheating on me for the last 6 months”.

Other buyers of the controversial product have said: “I think I handled it well for what a cheating lying dog he is. I am done with him and don’t want him back, but would like the last laugh out of this. I will give some girl $40.”

Another woman in her mid-20s told her friends and family she was pregnant and bought a fake 12 week scan from eBay to back up her story.

“After her boyfriend dumped her, she told him and everyone else that she was pregnant. By this point, a few of us were concerned about her tendency to bend the truth so we were all suspicious when she announced her news.

“When she produced her 12-week scan at just eight weeks, alarm bells started going off.

“Her ex paid for her to have a private abortion, which she came home from laughing and dancing, another warning that she could have made the whole thing up.

“She didn’t get back together with her boyfriend but I think she did the whole thing for attention – from him, her friends, everyone.

“The more I think about it, the sadder it seems – it’s extreme attention seeking behaviour that isn’t a joke, it’s people’s lives.”

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