Six weeks can seem like a long time for holiday with the children, especially if you have nothing planned. There are many fun-filled activities you can do together as a family to avoid summertime boredom and holidays where everyone’s getting on one another’s nerves. These family activities in and around Essex are sure to please adults and children alike. Whether you’re planning ahead for the next six-week holiday or scrambling to fill the current one, these ideas can help you make holiday plans your family won’t soon forget.

Five Holiday Activities for the Family

  1. Animal-Themed Holiday. There are a variety of places to visit for the animal lovers in your family. Plan a holiday around daily visits to various zoos and aquatic centers in the area. The Colchester Zoo, Seaquarium at Clacton Pier and Tropical Wings World of Wildlife will provide hours of enjoyment for the entire family.
  2. Escape the Heat, Enjoy the Museums. When you exhaust all the animal-themed options on your holiday list, escape warm or rainy weather in favor of some indoor activities. Essex is home to museums centered around toys, castles, natural history and motorcycles. The list of nearby museums is so long, you probably couldn’t visit them all in six weeks.
  3. Enjoy the Outdoors with Camping. Many families with children enjoy spending holidays camping. What better way to enjoy nature and precious time together than with meadow or caravan camping? Leave the hustle and bustle of normal, everyday life behind to spend days swimming, playing games or visiting with campsite friends. The best part about camping together – besides all the memories you’ll create – is waking up and going to sleep surrounded by nature.
  4. Theme Parks for Kids of All Ages. Kids of all ages, including those who are grown up, will enjoy spending holiday riding the roller coasters and other rides at the many adventure parks in the Essex area. When the weather is less than desirable for outdoor theme parks, head to an indoor park like Crazy Kids Adventure. Younger kids will enjoy indoor parks like Kids Kingdom, Kidspace Romford and Small Monsters.
  5. Blast from the Past. Give your children a glimpse into the world that preceded the high-tech world we live in now by treating them to a holiday focused on the past. Visit nearby castles or an old war bunker. Time-travel back to Tudor times at The Cressing Temple Barns and enjoy watching knights joust.

Get Ready for Holiday in Essex

The Essex area is chock full of things to do, places to go and people to see. Prepare for your holiday by deciding if you want to rest and relax, or spend the time together on the go. Your family can plan a themed summer holiday, or mix and match activities to suit everyone’s preferences. Six weeks might seem like a long time, but it will go by quickly once you discover all there is to do in and around Essex.

Written by Mary Ylisela, Holiday Blogger for  Osea Leisure