Meet Alexandra Moore, she’s a qualified personal stylist with over 4 years’ experience and a real passion for helping women rediscover their style. 

Since having her son back in 2014, Alex has learnt how relate to how many of women feel after becoming a mummy and losing their old identity. But this doesn’t have to be the case, and Alex’s enthusiasm can remind you – and all of us – that you can still be yourself after having a child.

All your fashion questions answered

Forget about googling your fashion dilemmas. Alex has joined up with Essex Baby to share her knowledge and ideas about fashion and style for mummies-to-be and new mums. She’s giving advice on everything from choosing right bra to wear whilst pregnant, to school run fashions and the latest brands for your kids, plus lots more.

alexandra moore

It’s going to be lots of fun and Alex wants to open your mind to your new ‘mummy style’ and show you how to still be you!

Trends, outfit advice, and personal style tips

Above all else, Alex wants her blogs to be interactive, so if you have any questions or topic ideas you’d like to see then please give her a shout!  You can do this by dropping her an email at

With her extensive knowledge and first-hand experience, Alex is able to cover issues such as:

  • styling mums who are returning to work after having baby
  • helping mummies regain their sense of what suits their new figure
  • creating fun and mummy-friendly capsule wardrobes that work for this new ’turn your world upside down, whirlwind, wouldn’t have it any other way’ lifestyle

Whilst pregnant, Alex also realised the frustrations of maternity dressing and how unattractive the clothes can make you feel. After all, confidence begins on the inside and if you’re feeling frumpy it’s hard to hold on to your va va voom.

And Alex has learnt all too well the perils of being forced to buy online – seriously, if you’re already not a fan of shopping, try adding a rapidly expanding waistline into the mix and we’ve got all kinds of issues (and tears). So Alex experimented with normal high street clothes that can be worn once baby is born too and has some great tips for you!alexandra moore

If you’re interested in knowing more about what Alexandra Moore does or interested in using one of her services, you can find and contact her at

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