Is it really is possible to revamp your wardrobe, gain style confidence and feel more fashionable in just a few hours?

Tamsin Malone, founder of Essex Baby, explains why meeting with Southend-based fashion stylist Angela Poplett has been such a great experience for her.

A bit about me

I had our two children very close together, just thirteen months apart, and this resulted in me wearing maternity/baggy clothing for a period of about three years. Since then I have tried to wear shapelier, more fashionable clothing, but have never been quite sure what my ‘style’ was. This has led to a bit of a mismatch: baggy/comfy meets tight and stylish.

I’ve never worried about what people think about my clothes until now. Since having kids and learning to live in maternity wear, I’ve felt very lost and so far removed from current fashions that I’ve felt intimidated when going clothes shopping.

For the last three years I’ve found great comfort and happiness from my one-piece onesies, to the point that I pretty much live in them during the winter! However, as Angie quite rightly pointed out during our first chat, a onesie does not make you feel good about yourself, and it probably does nothing for your hubby either.

First contact

I came across Angie’s website in 2014 whilst working late on the website. I couldn’t believe what I had found – I’d never hear of an image consultant before! I immediately told all my friends and family about her services: “She comes to your house, goes through your wardrobe and helps you match up outfits that you wouldn’t think of yourself,” and “She makes a list of all the items you need to maximize your outfits.” I was even more excited to find out that Angie would even go shopping with you, regardless of your budget.

I got in touch with Angie and told her a little about me, my lifestyle and where I really needed her help. I instantly warmed to her over the phone, she totally ‘got’ my issues and concerns. She reassured me that she wouldn’t come to my house and throw out all my clothes just so we had to go shopping.

So, I booked an appointment for her to do a ‘wardrobe detox.’

The big day

Well, the day finally arrived; I was excited and nervous.

I was looking forward to getting rid of some of the clothes, boots and accessories that were cluttering up my cupboards and draws. I was excited to see what outfits she would come up with out of my current clothes. I was nervous that there would be nothing left for her to work with, that none of my clothes would be of use.

Angie arrived and we had a quick chat about my day to day routine, where I went, whom I met with, etc., so that she could understand the type of outfits I would need.

We then headed to the bedroom with a roll of bin bags, a pen and paper and a camera.

The fun began!

We emptied the cupboards and drawers and went through everything, item by item, deciding whether to chuck or keep. I felt so liberated being able to throw out all these items. I agreed with Angie on all the items, there were no difficult decisions at all.

pile of clothes

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of clothes that we kept, i.e. that Angie thought were okay and were suitable for me.

After going through all the clothes, bags, shoes and accessories, we refueled with chocolate before commencing the outfit selection session. This was my favorite bit!

It all comes together

Angie went through my new stripped-down wardrobe and returned with made up outfits, from head to toe, including accessories. I then took a photo of each outfit (for my own files) and noted down any ‘shopping items’ that would help us complete and/or make up more outfits.

outfit 15a

We made up eighteen outfits altogether. However, there were probably another ten or so simple outfits that I could do myself. I was amazed, there was not one outfit I had already tried/worn myself!

It was such a great experience.

Angie offers advice about clothes and outfits, but she understands so much more as well. She understands the requirements of being women, wanting to feel feminine and beautiful at the same time as being practical. She understands the pressures of being a mum, a wife and an individual and helped me create outfits appropriate for all occasions.

The wardrobe detox costs £65/hour and it took just under four hours to carry out my wardrobe detox. This equates to just £14 per outfit, so much cheaper than buying eighteen new outfits!

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would highly recommend Angie to anyone looking for help, advice, or direction with regards to their image and styling.

Angie lives in Southend and is happy to travel throughout Essex. For more details about Angie and her services please visit the website: