The Fatframe iPad case seems like a wonderful idea to bring technology and children together. We want to see what our Essex Baby Reviewer thinks.


Made for the iPad 2, 3 and 4 the Fatframe iPad case is bouncy, lightweight, drop proof and made with handles designed especially for children to hold.

Price: £25.99

Reviewers Opinion

I found this product simply brilliant! I have not been able to find anything negative to say about it. It is so easy and comfortable for my children to hold. There have been a couple mishaps and the iPad has taken a crashing fall, but it has literally bounced in the Fatframe case and not been damaged at all. I thought it would be heavier but actually is very light. It is priced very reasonably too  as it seems to be a product that will last.

Essex Baby Rating

The Fatframe iPad case is a superb product, we give it a massive five out of five! It is robust, hard wearing, and fantastic value for money, we at Essex Baby highly recommend it.

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